Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wednesdays are The New Fridays

Weekends are overrated.
So, when I decided to throw a Dinner Party at my Wynwood apt. on Wednesday night, although at the beginning people were a little confused and nervous: "what's the occasion?, is it somebody's birthday? I need to get at least some sleep tonight," most of the very specially selected invites came through.
And, those who did not make it, trust me, now regret it.
Specially if you were looking to meet some gorgeous overly intelligent gals. They were all over the house, with their cute outfits and big words.
I was glad my recently-turned gay friend and neighbor Joan, dropped by so that I had someone to discuss how hot all this gurls were. There was Sophie and Alex, and Greta and Gretel, Vane and Dara and Zlati and Pati and Matilda and more.

The guys were not staying totally behind.
Artist Greg Rivero, mentioned plenty of times before, brought me three crazy prints of Nietzsche, which are going right on my wall. And, he also baked a chocolate chip cake for the party.
Too much.
Pat Walsh, from The Black Mangrove came as well, to my surprise. I told my friend Pati Laylle, photographer and Gregg' gf, that he had been our waiter at News Cafe, the night that we went to the MAM party and had millions of whiskies.
Late, late at night, we had baked three delicious pizzas, only with the best: hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, black olives, roasted red peppers and pineapple. A French guy, named, funny enough, Benoit, came with a friend in a suit who brought shiitake mushrooms, a really good brie and a delicious Italian sausage.

He fell asleep at some point in my couch and wouldn't wake up, even after everyone was gone. I grabbed the popular French guy and made him listen to my French, he was pleased.
At some point we sang Happy Birthday to Joan, probably because it had been her birthday, and continued drinking only the best wine, the best beer, the best pizzas.
Not bad for being in the downfall of the economy.
But, we didn't want to talk much about that or the war or even about the elections, not anymore, not for tonight. We wanted to dance and smoke and drink and eat.
"Good party," Pat said to me.
I know.


Maria Chercoles said...

Sounds like you had great company and excellent food. Wish I had made it. I'm back into the 305 now so let me know next time.

Carolina :o) said...

Who's in the last picture?

Krystal Alvarez said...

Hey Bego! You are quite a storyteller. :) I wish I could bake pizzas in my tiny convectional oven, especially, when I'm drunk. Looks like a lot of fun. I hope to see you soon; for now, FIU is consuming my social life. I want to free myself from the lameness, and socialize asap.
Talk to you later,

Adry!! said...

Begoooo!!!...Good webpage..You know it's hard to me to read and write in english but here I am...I red almost all the stories...The one in the last pic is my Adrian??...He looks like him...We miss all of you a lot...Kisses from us and our little girl!!!