Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesdays are for Dinner and Music

Afraid of trying the Churchill's curry, last Wednesday, I had friends over the apt. and we made some delicious vegetarian dishes, which we passed down with two bottles of Malbec.

The meal consisted of yellow squash, zucchini and green peppers bathed in pesto sauce and baked in the oven. This one made by my eternally vegetarian sister Vannesa Diaz. Although she is usually the cook, it is at her house where the Traditional Friday Intellectual Dinners take place, I had to show some of my skills as well, being the dinner in my apt.

I put in the oven large pieces of breads smeared with butter and garlic and while they baked I cut tomato, cucumber, onion, all-colors-peppers and avocado in small pieces. All of these veggies I proudly bought for $5 in my newly discovered secret Nicaraguan/Haitian vegetable and fruit street market. It is located on 35 street and NW 2nd avenue. I not only bought the above mentioned vegetables, but for those same 5 bucks I also got a few bananas and oranges. I don't think it opens everyday, but I will continue to visit it and keep you updated. Although you have to pick your own vegetables and fight among the loud crowd getting their own vegetables and herbs, it is all worth it with those prices. Even cheaper than in Homestead, I never seen anything like that.

After eating the successful mega-bruschetas and baked pesto vegetables, les invites et moi left to listen to some live music in the Can you Rock a Little Softer? Churchill's Curry Night . I was full so I wasn't going to have to try the fearful curry, but I still wanted to go see my friend Jeremy Mason, he told me he was there every Wednesday.

Kisses and hugs with the bartenders, Dani and Christ, they loved my dress, I hadn't seen them in so long, when are they gonna call me, etc.
I had a Gin and Tonic and proceeded to introduce Jeremy to my sis, say hello to some of the performers and listen.

First came the guy who is always, always dressed in gray-camouflaged pants and shirt, has long gray hair and beard and wears a gray-camouflaged bandanna in his head. I would say he has been wearing the same thing since 1973. He carries a little system in a cart in which he plays his cassettes, sings and plays an electric guitar. He is pretty bad, but sings his own stuff and, like Jeremy, is at Churchill's religiously every Wednesday.

Then we saw
Nacho, who gets better everyday and who I have known for so many years since Miami Beach Senior High. We were there with artists Pati Laylle and Gregg Rivero who made a short called Psychonaut with all Nacho songs as the soundtrack, but from when he was in Rabbit in The Hat band. We talked and laughed and heard him play.

After Nacho played, came
Raffa & Rainer, of course one of the highlights of the night, even though I have seen them so many times in so many different bars from Dade to Broward, I still don't get tired of them. Plus this is seeing them play in their night: Wednesdays at Churchill's, from where they were born, grew and became famous.

One too many Guinness pitchers, were enough to send us home before Raffa & Rainer were done. We gave cigarettes instead of singles to the official Churchill's parking security, because the hot goth girl was giving them out for free, well in exchange for your information. They liked the cigarettes.

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