Monday, May 18, 2009

Bday Gurl

So, what has happened to me?

I have received lots of hate emails, facebook messages and comments about why have I not been writing about my exciting life in Miami anymore. The truth is that it has been so exciting that I really haven’t had the time to do it!

Between having a full-time job, getting a master’s degree, having a full time or over time social life, a boyfriend and friends who get sick, breakup and have lots of drama in their life to share with me, getting some time to get inspire and then getting some time to write is harder than getting a rich person through the doors of


So, what have I done? Karaoke at the Seven Seas, where I sang These Boots are Made for Walking; pool party without a pool: my crazy friend Dara, put one inflatable pool inside her apt. and one by the dock, her dog Matilda got lost for hours and we looked for her on Agua Ardiente and Tequila, she was finally found by a homeless guy who got paid $30 to give us Matilda back, it was a two-hour kidnap. When we were finally able to do the piñata, it fell into the canal and all the candies got wet!

Also, I went to check out Robert Samuel’s and J.D. Kaleem’s new awesome house right in Mimo. Amazing, Robert lives in a tower and will now let his hair grow long enough so that we can climb it up to his room, J.D. had a seat inside his showers and the other roommate has the most amazing room/walking closet/bathroom. Guys you get 5 stars on the house, on the party only 4 because I couldn’t hear any music but the conversations were amazing, I can proudly say I was the last one to leave with Staurt McMeeking, but he deserves more credit because he was going on his bike with a glass of wine to go.

I also went on a day expedition to Big Cypress, which was all dry, celebrated Mother’s Day in Dolores/Lolita, partied at Café Barcelona, met the Russian Mafia New Yorker owner of Vlada, the new vodka gay bar by my house and spent countless nights at the News Lounge, really everybody lost count. I see the manager Pat Walsh more than my parents.

And, talking about Pat, he mentioned the Black Mangrove is taking a break and is throwing a goodbye party on Saturday May 23, it should be great, lots of awesome djs and the last opportunity to party at that warehouse. That is the day after my bday party on Friday May 22 in my friend’s house in Coconut Grove. Hope to see everybody there. Think of it like an open house, as long as you ring booze you are welcome. I love to think of my parties like a micro Miami, where you’ll find from the fancy South Beach party-goer to the smelly intellectual university professor, no offense to either.

Today I am turning 24 and it always feels good to be the birthday girl, especially with some many awesomest people in my life reminding me how much they love me J