Friday, November 7, 2008

I got you bro.

Don't panic, I got you cover for the weekend.
This weekend there are a variety of diverse activities to entertain our ADD minds.
First of all go to the Mad Cat play Mixtape: it is on this weekend and the next one, which is the last one, at 8 p.m. on Biscayne and 30th.
As you drive by there, you may be confused because it is an office building, but inside of it, an intimate theatre holds an incredibly entertaining play. I think anyone will have fun here. Bring your date, your friends, have a different night and support local theatre. Everyone there is local, mingle with the actors, stage manager and director after the play while you zip on one of the donations-only drinks.
The show is a Mixtape of mediums and genres so: You'll get to watch a movie, an excellent photographic story (I gave that one A+) and really funny, great acting through various sketches. The night I went, they all had their heart in it, it reminded why it is worth going to the theatre.
I went last week by myself because my friend Jeremy stood me up, he said he was going real quick for Happy Hour at Twist and then meeting me at the theatre...I wonder what held him up? I decided to go by myself. I am that cool that I can go to the theatre alone.

Of course the other weekend activity is the Book Fair.
Yes, we have all been there a million times, yes it seems like is always the same. I myself always end up getting something at the $5 stand and a rare old cheap book. Get real, in these times, $10 is my Book Fair budget, and I wanted to get the poster, I think is one of the prettiest they have ever made. So, Friday, the free day, I better be there. Saturday and Sunday is $5 to get in, half of my budget.
Plus, Saturday is the Join The Impact protest against Amendment #2, which passed this past Nov 4th. Although a bit late, since it already passed, about 600 people have already confirmed attendance in facebook, be there, fight for equality.
So, what is left for Sunday, you already went to a play, the book fair and a protest. Well, Sunday you can do like me and write papers for school or work on that personal project of yours, or you can go to the Wonderful and often forgotten by us Miamians: Beach...Although Friday and Saturday will be cloudy, the weather report says Sunday will be sunny as always. One more reason to live in Miami to add to my Reasons to Live in Miami list: You can go to the beach at the end of November, while the rest of the country is freezing their butts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

#2 Breaks My Heart

The night was fantastic. It was all I expected, I said. Whenever you have extremely high expectations about something, when it happens is never as exciting as you thought it was going to be and lets you down. But, this was not the case, learning that Barack Obama had won the presidency was really as bit as exciting as I wanted it to be. We hugged and cheered and some at the Election Party even cried. We set fireworks and talked about the future, about the present, about who we are and why we wanted this so bad; us young people. We felt involved and informed, we knew every bit about the campaign, the issues. It was great.

But it was really HEARTBREAKING to wake up to a morning in which 62% of Floridians voted for a law that invalidates any union other than marriage.

Really people, haven't we learned from years of racial, religious and gender oppression that we are all individuals and therefore entitled to the same human rights. That intolerance leads to oppression and is just plain wrong.

It really overshadows Obama's victory in my heart that we still allow to have individuals, tax-payers, citizens who do not have the same right as everyone else. That we publicly deny a minority their constitutional right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, like if it was nothing.

It is a big deal and it offends me.

California overturned the gay marriage law after about 18,000 couples got married: Is a joke, a circus. Weirdest thing ever, childish, homophobic and offensive. And, most of all based on absolutely obsolete ideas. Like the idea that a family is not a family if it is not a man and a woman. Tell that to millions of single parents, kids living with their grandmother, aunts, foster kids, brother and sister, cousins and many other kinds of families who do get hospital visitations, emergency calls and other rights.

Or, that if we allow this to happen, then sooner or later we are going to allow people to marry goats or computers. I really thought that we had already established that if you get Human Rights, is because you are a Human and not an animal or object.

Shame on you America, because in 20 years or more, hopefully less, we are going to notice one more time that we CANNOT discriminate and deny American Citizens basic rights protected under The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the profound believe that as Americans we have the right to be individuals and to choose.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costumes Review

So this year there were high expectations because Halloween fell on a Friday. The economy is down and people are more likely to celebrate because they want to forget about their problems and for one night be someone else, I heard on NPR, the average American was going to spend $67 on a costume. That's a a lot.
I went, of course, to Lincoln Road, where I wanted to see lavish and expensive drag queens' costumes. The truth is that although the street parade of crazy characters was a lot of fun, this year the drag queens let me down.

Ok, this couple is cool, they are so cool they can wear their fucking silver suit with sun glasses and strike such a great pose all at once.

You guys are sexy, we accept it. You probably had a great night of dancing and bottle service at Mansion.

Geeky, cute or gay? I can't make up my mind.

At four days before the elections we thought that political costumes were going to be overwhelming. Although we did find a few Sarahs and Obamas, there were no Mccains or Bidens, they are not such exciting characters. Even Hilary who has been out of the picture for so long was a more popular Halloween costume than the two old guys in the race.

If you are this gorgeous it should be a law to dress up as Adam and Eve. Thank you guys.

The crazy dancing dude from Lincoln Road dressed up as the crazy dancing dude from Lincoln Road.


I don't think this guy got any girls tonight, but he sure looks funny in that costume. I approve of sacrificing sexy for the good of humor.

Scream grabbing on to the balls of a giant penis next to Indiana Jones. Their attitude definitely makes them even greater.

I guess I'd have to say I don't approve. Especially of the ass with red lipstick and a piece of paper stock to it.

Again sacrificing beauty for the sake of the scary spirit of Halloween is good in my book. Brrrrr, that's one scary bitch.

The nerd costume never gets old, neither does the gay seaman.
We had a great time. Bought two flasks of Black Label, and drank on the street without spending much. We went into Laundry Room and danced and order beers at Polar Bear, the bar next to Finnegan's and sat down to yell at people on costumes and dance.