Saturday, September 20, 2008

French Brickell and Hard Core at Home

but you got to do what you got to do. And so Friday night when my BF Vane called me and said she was coming to my house to go out or do something, I took a shower to wake up.

We had been invited to this crazy custome, karaoke party on Collins and 18th, I was down to go, so I dressed up too.

We drove down to Brickell, around Mary Brickell Village, which was packed. The whole street was full of cute young Brickell people. The kind that is very clean and goegeous in theit beautiful cars.
Dolores Lolita and Blue Martini were specially hot.

Vane and I like to party, but most importantly, we love to eat delicious food. So, we stopped at the cozy French restaurant, Provence Grill. We sat on the balcony and still didn't miss any of the actions. Our gorgeous French waiter, who we suspected was the owner, gave us the whole French treatment and we felt like queens. We had scargots and pate with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and then seafood and salad with fromage de chevre and nuts.

Our buddies called that we should meet in my apt. He would get beers he said, is too expensive to go out.

Damn economy. So much for my French, glamorous night.

I guess the depression, promotes the dialogue. We spent the whole night discussing about human rights and the East and the West. After Vane called me a Western Capitalist and I called her a Fascist Communist, we decide to move on to the games.

We had a six pack of Sierra Neveda and one of Peroni and at some point I took out the last bit of Agua Ardiente for a shot. Finally that evil bottle is over.

I won at poker and we played Jenga and the game that everyone gets the name of someone famous sticked in their forehead and they have to guess what character they are. I was fucking Elvis Crespo and obviously never got it.

Then we played the very interesting game of Killing and Fucking. If you have never heard of it, it is pretty hard core. You ask a person who would they rather kill, this person or this other and the options can only be people everyone in the room knows. Or, you can also ask, who would you rather fuck. It gets interesting.

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Carolina :o) said...

Elvis Crespo? Come on Bego!!! LOL And Killing and Fucking sounds like it can get messy really quick. He, he, he. Who did you kill?
Are those pictures from your camera, or your cell phone. Did you know that you can upload pictures from your cell into a blogspot entry? It's a lot of fun. I wanted to mention something else, but after reading and writing...I forgot.
How fun about the waiter...I was wondering if you wrote about our night out if it would sound as colorful and interesting and your entries here. Makes me jealous. :o)