Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Long Time

Yes, I haven't been writing lately, not because Miami hasn't kept me busy, because it has, oh it has, but because I refuse to write uninspired. and, for a while, I must confess, I was going through a period of depression, which just led to Gin and tonics and beer. I need to stop the beer though too many calories.

Of course I was kept entertained during my bloggin absence by faithfully going to Churchill's, where I ended up meeting most fabulous people. Jeremy Mason, for one, of a confusing sexual orientation, in whose Facebook the interested in part is blank, and almost too interesting and fabulous to be straight. At the end of the night we had spoken French, Korean and talked about every possible literary movement that ever existed in the West. Those are the delightful surprises that Churchill's can still bring. He was friends with my favorite bartenders Daniela and Christ Funk, who I have mentioned before, and also with Daniela's girlfriend: Yes--a cute-looking young girl with a tough attitude: Kudos Daniela for your hot girlfriend. We had such a great time that after a few delicious shots we even had our own gang sign. Fabulous!


We agree to meet again next Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. to have the Churchill's curry buffet they have on that night. "7:30 hon, is whEn it comes out of the kitchen fresh," said Jeremy. I had never felt prepared to eat the Churchill's curry, but at that time everything seemed logical. The next week, being too afraid of getting intoxicated and also with the summer Miami flu, almost impossible to escape, I stayed doing my other favorite past time: watching Hulu.

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