Monday, October 6, 2008

Locos Por Juana and Expensive Scare

So, this is what happened Friday.
I made a call on Facebook to all of those who wanted to join me in the scary adventure of going to the new haunted house in Wynwood. It is $20, I said. And this is when you notice how bad the economy really is.
Alex McAnarney wrote: “$20 bucks for cheap thrills when I can get them at the Krome mental ward for free? Yeah, much rather bust out the Ouija board and my hiking boots than dish out $20 clams.”
Ok, we can’t count on students anymore to do anything else than buy beers at a gas station. But, then came
J.D: “Haha, I wrote an article about that house :) I say it's too expensive!”
Ok, we can’t count on journalists either to do anything but buy cheap beer in the gas station.
And, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind stopping by the
Beer Depot from time to time, but don’t we always complaint that there is a lack of different activities in Miami, shouldn’t we take advantage of this one.
Thanks to the preppy friends from my childhood, who finally left Collins and moved to my side of the bridge on 24th and Biscayne, to a really nice apartment “so fresh and so clean, clean,” I told them, I was able to skip the cheap beer for one night.
So, we set out to the scary adventure. The warehouse is next to the
Miami Rescue Mission, where those homeless who did not get in the rooms, spend the night outside, waiting for it to reopen in the morning, to get breakfast.
My preppy friends, unused to the life in Wynwood, thought the bodies lying around in the streets were part of the ride and were getting really scared.
When I told them they weren’t there was a hesitation to leaving the Audi parked in front of the homeless’ beds.
In the box office we realized the price was actually $30!!! F*ck! Even for my preppy friends this was way too much. Well, I only had $20 so they had to spot on this one. Apparently it was $25 if you bought it online, whatever, who does that?
Outside you can have drinks while monsters eat your brains out.
It was scary, yes, but for 30 bucks we were hoping to get tortured to say the least.
What do we do now? Well my preppy friends, of course, wanted to go to
Grass, but we drove by there and it looked dead. Enough zombies for the night.
We went to
Circa, where Locos Por Juana was going to be playing. It said in that it was free before midnight. Liars! It was 5 more bucks. Hmmm, maybe beers from the gas station wasn’t such a bad idea.
Among vodka tonics we danced in a circle like some Indian tribe, I was having so much fun, when all of the sudden my preppy friends say they are leaving. What? I am so not leaving, the band hadn’t even started playing.
If there is one thing you can count on in Circa is to find someone you know, I was sure it would happen, so I said aurevoir and went to hear the concert.
Robert Samuels wrote me a text asking how was Circa and I told him to come over, I had hope.
It was excellent! While I was jumping around to the rhythm of cumbia, I saw next to me reporter Jose Pagliery filming the gig for
Oh! That is the only way you get reporters out, when the Herald pays for their ticket.
After the concert, all sweaty from so much dancing, I tried to tell him to come have a cig with me outside, but he was way too busy with all the girls, who think a man with a camera is sexy.
Well, it was pouring, walking home was not an option anymore. Samuels didn’t answer my calls, why would he raise my hopes and then leave me :( I wanted to dance with him.
Then came Shariff, my Brittish savior. He bought me a drink and drove me to the door of my building,
like the princess I am.


scott genn said...

locos por juana rocks! good people,too. i met them at the latin funk festival. next time you're at circa,say hello to sophie,the gorgeous brunette bartender. she's a sweetheart and fellow mad cat theatre company member. cheers,princess!

Elena said...

Sharif is the best!!

Cheap beer is good, a haunted house is freaky, and Locos Por Juana is always fun. But Sharif, that's a rare find!!

robbsamuels said...

bego! i'm so sorry...i was going to come, and then i got too tired and went to sleep...i saw that you called, like, four times! sorry! -- samuels

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