Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, Friday I was a bit destroyed from the fabulous party at the Jam at MAM the third Thurs of every month. It was awesome, a hilarious dj played just the right amount of good salsa for people to loose it, delicious appetizers and a full bar that accepted only donations.
The third Thrurs of the month party at the MAM, was way too much fun: the loud music in the large museum plaza, in the middle of downtown and in the antique library building made us all forget about the rain.
Actually the rain made it all more slippery and fun.
I saw the whole
Miami Today reporters crew and they were so excellent.
Specially seeing beautiful Risa Polansky, who has been writing for Miami Today for more than two years and she is so gorgeous, you can't stop looking at her.
I also asked El Tigre for a cigarette. I didn't know he was El Tigre then. He gave it to me and tried to ignore me but I started asking him questions. He said he went to New World. "High school or college," I asked. He laughed, pretty hard. "Hey you know one has to ask, just in case."
"I have hair on my face," he said.
Then I tried to guess his major. Music, I said, you are musician. And I was right, of course.
El Tigre, plays in
Jose El Rey and The Miami Bass Warriors, which are both fucking awesome bands and they give out pastelitos in their gigs. The whole guava, cheese and meat deal. Real Miamians.
We kissed each other bye.
I hadn't been to that MAM thing in forever and I didn't really know what to expect. But I was going to go by myself and decided to wear my scandalous original cowboy boots, with shorts shorts, of course. I really thought it was going to be too much, but the people were so scandalous themselves that I fitted just right. The MAM still had the Illusions Shadows and Disappearance exhibit up, but the party was so much fun that most people stayed out in the stormy night, specially because you could only go into the exhibit without a drink in your hand, which never actually happened.
After the MAM I went with my Pati and Gregg to Andiamo and then across to News Cafe and had some whiskies. Our lovely waiter was Patrick Walsh, a cute red head activist who has actually done a lot of shit for this city. He founded and directs
The Black Magrove, where he throws these great fundraising parties and useful events. I have seen some pretty excellent spoken word there, went to a Palestinian Festival and have hit at a piƱata.

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Carolina :o) said...

Hey there girly. I liked your description of the MAM. I don't know much about it, but I try to think about the time we went to the galleries together and I mix your description with my memories to create some kind of picture. I love the way you write. Not at all like the way you talk. LOL. Love you, miss you. I'm gonna read more. :o)