Friday, September 12, 2008

The Reporter's Party and The Vagabond

While I was gone from blogging, I also attended a few parties.

One of the highlights of the month was a couple of weeks ago on a Friday "The Reporters' Party" at Robert Samuels' and J.D's home at The Roads. But, this time it was more than only Herald reporters talking about reporter stuff: beautiful people, delicious food, their whole delicately illuminated ample garden filled with conversations and even a little bit of freestyling went on! Thank you guys, keep it up, you just need a better sound system.

After the party I departed with the freestyling crowd to The Vagabond, it was five bucks and we danced like maniacs and encounter many Important Members of The Miami Night. On Fridays I recommend The Vagabond more than The White Room because there is less under aged, overdressed creatures. (Circa you are so out of the picture).

I took my gorgeous pink flask filled with Agua Ardiente and was giving shots around to cool people. And the rest is history, forgotten history, like any time agua ardiente is in the picture. Lots of dancing, the dj was actually coming through with some MIA and old school Outkast.

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