Friday, September 12, 2008

GableStage and Mojitos

Couple of weeks back I went Thursday after work to see the Gablestage play "Betrayed" by George Packer. Some of my actor friends were in it: Todd Durkin and Scott Genn and I got to meet there Antonio Amadeo, very nice and the beard he wears to act as an Iraqi suits him very well.
The play was exciting and got the message through: Iraqis who help Americans in Iraq, are considered traitors in their own land and have to exile to other countries because the Americans will not help them at all.

Props to the actors.

Before Gables Stage I went with my car pool/job/cool friend Brooke Whitley, g.f of actor Scott to have delicious $6-Happy-Hours-Mojitos at the Coral Gables' Novecento. It is surprising what $40 of those can do to one.

We also ate a Traditional Picada, delicious enough to make you feel very guilty: it has steak, sausages, an beef empanadas!

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