Friday, September 19, 2008

Wynwood Gallery Walk September 13

So, who was not there that night?

Nobody, everyone walked the walk, talked the talk, and drank the free warm beers.

The streets of Wynwood, beginning on 36, where there was a huge OBAMA party going on, were filled with all the cool kids wandering in and out the galleries, seating on the floor, taking pictures of each other's fabulous attires.

I decided to go straight to my favorites around 22, where the party is always good. We found friend Sander, who walked us into The Locust Project Gallery where they had the Dream-Cum-Tru exhibit. It was a lot of fun because you got to go inside the art installations and it all felt very surreal. Until the performance part of the exhibit started by artist Clifton Chidree, who performed with the film and the film and him interacted. It was fun and pretty until everything became him sticking out his dick again and again and again and then taking a shit here and there. Quite disturbing.

Every single soul in Miami went to The White Room after, where they had a WHY? concert. The White Room is bringing some amazing people lately.

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Carolina :o) said...

SO what's the point of the dick and the crap?