Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shameless Burlesque

Tuesdays are not usually the days to go to Churchill’s. One time we went on a Tuesday because my sister and I were trying to look for Amendment XXI to see the Jessie Jackson gig and we were too drunk to find it. So, we went to die at the infallible Churchill’s among red headed sluts prepared with love by Daniela my favorite lesbian bartender.

But, this Tuesday was different, even though Daniela and
Christ Funk (hot/smart/.friend/bartender) were there, and a new bartender I had never seen. Churchill’s was presenting the first of a series of Shameless Burlesque shows created and performed all by gorgeous, tattooed, pinup girls, who undressed with grace for our pleasure.

What a relief to see onstage such secure gals, working the magic of seduction, being funny, fun, deliciously crazy. The Burlesque group will be performing again in Churchill’s on July 29th and August 19th and you don’t want to miss it. There’ll be cute cigarette girls selling tobacco, gums and condoms, and you’ll also get to see some tities.

When we left after a double show of almost nudity, we walked to the car and left after paying a dollar to one of the on-duty official Churchill's parking lot securities, only after hearing a long talk about how that is his job and he takes care of you.

After a few hours of parking lot talk I went to sleep. I need to start getting ready for the coming weekend of The Violet and The Rose screening, I hope to see you all there.

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