Monday, December 1, 2008

Early Turkey

I started my Thanksgiving fun early on Tuesday, being that the week before I had died because some gloomy dentists decided to yank out the little wisdom left in my mouth and the recuperation process was long and painful, especially for Miami, which had to endure all this time without me.
It is obviously truth that some day we will evolve and be born without those bothersome useless bones, which at some point helped us chew raw mammoth. After spending more than a week at home, without being able to have any kind of amusement, I definitely fell behind in the evolutionary ladder.

On Tuesday night I stopped at Jeremy's, he had crazily enough decided to cook a whole turkey, even though he was abandoning me to go to Orlando, what is Orlando?, and spend the family Holiday with his family, he still wanted to cook the WHOLE turkey.
Well, among Cuba Libres with Ron Abuelo he cooked the never-frozen turkey Asian style, bathed on soy sauce and honey, while I entertained him with my horror stories of wisdom teeth.
I learned very little of the art of cooking the bird of the Native American Genocide Day, except that when the needle hits 165, it is done, information I will cherish since you never know when it can become useful, definitely not next Thanksgiving; I am still not ready too cook my first bird of such a dimension.

We ate a lot of turkey, considering that there was no other side dish than the rum, that was lot of bird for us two, but we made it.
Turkey makes you sleepy, we obviously talked about that. "It is called tryptophan," said the sometimes annoying know-it-all Jeremy. Almost passed out in his beautiful red couch, freaking typtophan. I still needed energy for Wednesday, I had errands to run on my free day, parties to organize, people to call.

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