Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do you need to be during Art Time?

Ok, this is the schedule:

Check out the satellite fairs at Wynwood and the Design District. I will be passing by Scope, where there is a giant bouncing house in which we can all bounce together and also the Art Miami fair nearby.
I also wanted to pass by the so called Red Dot Art Fair, right there on 36st and second av.
I'll then pass by the Bas Fisher Invitational gallery, where they will be having an opening for 12 artists from 6-9 p.m. 180 NE 39th Street, suite 210
It will be hard to fit it all tonight, but I will try my best, because there is also the Naked Sushi at Doraku, where you can eat sushi off naked model's bodies, and I wanted to try some of that.

There is also a lot going on at the Riltz-Carlton, I was going to pass by yesterday, but wanted to save some energy right at the beginning of the week. was kind enough to invite me to a secret and mysterious Art Lover's Cocktail Party at the Ritz from 8 to 10 p.m.
To finish the night go see Eddie o Live at 168 SE 1 Street, this famous dj from New York is a staple of our time. She will throw down some good shit.

Well, even though my favorite part of Art Basel is the side events, it is once a year and we should go at least once. don't want to pay the $55 to get in? Get the after 5 p.m. entrance for $15, and be out of there just in time for Sobe's better time.
Go to the Lummus Park, in front of Ocean Drive, where during the whole weekend they will have live art performances for free.
Since you are already in Sobe, go to RockBar, which is having an all weekend-long Art Basel party.
If you decided to do the District instead of Sobe on Friday, the Downtown area is moving fast this week.
Fredric Snitzer Gallery is having an opening on Friday, and those are always good. 7:00-10 p.m.
The Vagabond will be having Asics, the world's Largest Lite Brite,a modern pop culture master piece, with Modernage performing Live, lots of cool djs and free entrance before 11 p.m. assuming anyone could get anywhere before 11.
The White Room has Spider Pussy hosting Adult and Yi Yip performing Live, go to the event page to see if you like the music, it sounds fun.

If by Saturday you still have not done any artsy stuff, then you probably do not live in Miami.

If you feel you want to do something more in the low key and are tired of big events, go support The Black Mangrove, who will have an art exhibit on 1415 NE 129th Street from 6 to 11 p.m.
The White Room has a party called the Factory, no cover before midnight and 2 for 1 cocktails before that same magical hour. Live performance, nefarious girl will be there to take your picture and make you famous and apparently there will be some kind of gift bags given out.

Go walk around the galleries, they will all be open: say hello to the artists, meet some Eurotrash, art dealers, etc. If you are in the Design, take a ride in one of the bicycle cabs.
Enjoy Art Basel is only once a year.
See ya'll around.

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