Friday, October 17, 2008


I arrived early with Vane, both dressed in cute vintage outfits. We discovered the Bavarian band and were glad to have made it once again to the infamous Jam at Mam. The Bavarian band had nothing to envy the dj of the last time, except that it rained, as it usually does in this party, and they had to stop playing for a while. But, as to repertoire is concerned they went all over the world from New York New York, to Que Viva EspaƱa to the infallible Chicken Dance, which the guy performed with a most curious hen hat.

Scandalous Nicolas Johnson and friend Jose.

I saw my fabulous friend Jeremy, and his even more scandalous and famous friend Nicolas Johnson, local fashion designer from G.O.A.T. Reconstructed, who was dressed head to toes as a sado-masochist, with whip and everything. We talked about the old days in Lincoln Road when "the circle" existed. It was the place where headbangers and goth kids would hang out, skate and smoke cigarettes after school, but it died down at some point. I guess it was by the time Nexxt Cafe and Pizza Rustica opened where the circle is located. He told me the story about a girlfriend he had in high school, "when he still dug girls," who bullied a police officer because he tossed her cigarettes and told her to get ready because the "scene was changing" on Lincoln Road. "That's why I loved her," he said.

Then the band played a waltz and Jeremy asked me for a dance. I had been looking for a while for a girlfriend who lived close to me and who could accompany me to so many of these social events. Someone to look pretty with and call for attention. In the end, they always ended up getting a boyfriend, moving far or getting lazy. Jeremy moved close to my house now, to Biscayne and 63rd, and really having a gayfriend instead of a girlfriend is better. Even thoygh they both know how to dress and they both complement you on your shoes and earrings, only the gayfriend can dance the waltz with you.

Under the full moon, and over the wet plaza, we turned and turned to the rhythm of the waltz, as we spoke French and finished with a classic bow to each other.

What else can a girl ask for?

It turns out Jeremy's new roommate is no other than Christ Funk. Churchill's bartender, former college friend and famous in I Know Miami.
Could Life be any Better?
I found out because after we left the Jam at MAM, when there was nothing else left than a girl yelling and crying to her boyfriend:: "Give me back my f*cking car keys, it is my Goddamn car, you have no right." They were slapping each other and after the guy told her he wasn't going to give her shit until she calmed the f*ck down, He approached me and Vane who were amused at the performance and said: "This is what happens when is $10 all you can drink." I agreed.
Vane and I passed by...guess where? Yes, you got it Churchill's.
It was basically Vane and I and four other guys watching the Charity event in which the presidential candidates in white bow ties, tried uselessly to be funny.
Finally Christ Funk appeared, it was his day off, but he was passing by in his bike to get a Sierra Nevada. He told me, to my happiness, that he was Jeremy's new roommate and also talked about the awful new haircut a Cuban guy had done to him. And went on to performed his favorite impersonation of Cuban guy who you cannot understand a word he says.

We said bye to Mr. C and went home. There was still Friday to go and we needed energies for the busy weekend. And, what a weekend...

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