Monday, December 1, 2008

No Solo de Pan Vive el Hombre

Also on tofu and vodka.

After passing by Sobe and buying some cheap beauties at Urban Outfitters-sorry would rather die than go buy on Black Friday, at 5 am I am just about to go to sleep-I went home and started getting ready for my guests.

We decided to start the night with a dinner party to farewell my friend Danny Lu, who was leaving to India for 6months to do social work and help with the guilt trip, but ended up just getting his money back after the unfortunate terrorist attacks. So, hopefully he gets to go later on and we get to have another farewell party.

The cooks were Danny and my lil sis Carolina, who was visiting from Gainsville, like lots of other people who were visiting Miami this Thanksgiving weekend.

Although later on, Caro and I ended up going to The Vagabond's 80s Prom Party, so late that it was already the 90s, the main part of the night was the dinner.

Total debauchery, Greek-like feast of food, love, drugs and dancing.

Danny's dish: a stir-fried tofu with red curry, noodles and veggies, abso-freaking delicious, especially at 5 or so coming back from The Vagabond. Thanks DannyLu it hit the spot.
Caro went for a delicious Ratatouille, even though our main vegetarian Vane was absent in D.C. and missed the awesome party, the whole meal was veggie-friendly.

For desert we had pure fresh pomegranate with our hands.

After much merengue-dancing, bubble-blowing, bjork-singing craziness some started departing against my will, I was still not ready.
Soon enough Caro and I were getting a ride to The Vagabond with a bottle of POM juice filled with Vodka.
Couldn't find my I.D. and dropped the bottle on the floor in front of the friendly Haitian bouncer.

"You don't have id and you have that bottle gurl, what do you think?" he said.
Boy c'mon is so late. He was in a good mood, at this hour it seems like everyone is.
As soon as I walked in I encountered Modernage Mario, dancing with two girls, who he dropped on the floor to hug me.
I was as excited. The next day I got a text from him: "Nos Vimos!"
Lol, I almost forgot, I wrote back.
Since that close encounter of the first kind, since it was in the entrance, I never again saw him.
Instead, inside the dark Vagabond dance floor, as I jumped and shook and tangled my hair to a level I would only discover the day after, I saw a guy dressed all in white, with long hair under a white hat, looked interesting, almost mysterious, until I discovered who it was.

Frenchie Sebastianne, famous in my circles from the times we both used to work at Blue Cafe, known for its Latin Saturday Nights, its bully bouncers, corruption and abundance of drugs.
Also for its cute cocktail waitresses.
We hugged and danced some more until I abandoned him for a group of Five Fabulous Gay Guys who had taken very seriously the whole 80s prom theme: excellent.
Four days later I received a mysterious text message:
"I saved this phone number earlier this week, who is this?"
"Bego, who's this?"
"Lol Sebastienne"
We both knew why it was so funny.


Vanessa said...

nice! lost of misterious texts, huh? :)

keshacoggins said...

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Carolina :o) said...

LOL, I liked the comment about the 80's Prom turning to the 90's. But if I remember correctly, and I should cause I was not the drunk one, there were 3 gay guys instead of the 5 you mentioned. LOL I just wanted to point out your incapacitated state. He he he! (Evil Grin).

Love you,

Caro :o)

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