Friday, December 5, 2008

Alex Grey and the Psychedelic World of Art

by Jorge Fernandez
Pati has been working like a mule at the Basel in South Beach.
Yesterday, she was finally able to leave at 5 p.m. instead of late at night like every day since this whole caravan started.
There was a good reason to come out early, Alex Grey was speaking with a panel of other experts and artists on the history of psychedelics and art.
Yes, I did get to see him, and I know you are jealous.
The thing started at 8 pm, so to burn some time we walked up 36st from my apt. to see the galleries that have opened along the street solely for the purpose of Basel, once the circus is gone so are they.

By John Berry
We started at Sculpt Miami, where friendly giants like this one welcome you into a world of fantasy. It is free and fun, pass by there if you are in the area.
Inside the giant mushroom, in the garden of 7th Circuit Studio.
We thought of taking a cab, but then we wondered why do what all the tourists are doing when we are from here? and walked back to get the car. Drove down 3 NW Av, where we saw no cars, a big contrats to the chaos of cops, journalists and artsies of Biscayne and 2nd NE AV.
We got to 7th Circuit Studio and paid the exaggerated $20, but inside we found many many people, music, Grey's works hanged all over the studio and delicious free organic food. The $5 large wines were not bad either. Mixed partying were philosophy crews, yogis, artists and druggies, it was beautiful.
After waiting for a couple of hours for fans to get their books and posters signed by Grey, who looks more like a rock star than a painter, we finally sat down to hear the presentation.
Grey showed a slide show with works of art from various civilizations that depicted hallucigens, psychodelics or the expierence of them.
FIU Professor, Manny Torres, an expert in Art Theory and botany in the area of psychedelics, spoke about shamans and their power, about how almost unnatural it is for a human not take any kind of drug, because humanity has been doing it since its beginning with coffee, tobacco and mushrooms.
To top the night we dined together at Buena Vista Bistro, sat outside in the beautiful weather, wearing our sweaters and drinking Fin du Monde.

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