Friday, November 7, 2008

I got you bro.

Don't panic, I got you cover for the weekend.
This weekend there are a variety of diverse activities to entertain our ADD minds.
First of all go to the Mad Cat play Mixtape: it is on this weekend and the next one, which is the last one, at 8 p.m. on Biscayne and 30th.
As you drive by there, you may be confused because it is an office building, but inside of it, an intimate theatre holds an incredibly entertaining play. I think anyone will have fun here. Bring your date, your friends, have a different night and support local theatre. Everyone there is local, mingle with the actors, stage manager and director after the play while you zip on one of the donations-only drinks.
The show is a Mixtape of mediums and genres so: You'll get to watch a movie, an excellent photographic story (I gave that one A+) and really funny, great acting through various sketches. The night I went, they all had their heart in it, it reminded why it is worth going to the theatre.
I went last week by myself because my friend Jeremy stood me up, he said he was going real quick for Happy Hour at Twist and then meeting me at the theatre...I wonder what held him up? I decided to go by myself. I am that cool that I can go to the theatre alone.

Of course the other weekend activity is the Book Fair.
Yes, we have all been there a million times, yes it seems like is always the same. I myself always end up getting something at the $5 stand and a rare old cheap book. Get real, in these times, $10 is my Book Fair budget, and I wanted to get the poster, I think is one of the prettiest they have ever made. So, Friday, the free day, I better be there. Saturday and Sunday is $5 to get in, half of my budget.
Plus, Saturday is the Join The Impact protest against Amendment #2, which passed this past Nov 4th. Although a bit late, since it already passed, about 600 people have already confirmed attendance in facebook, be there, fight for equality.
So, what is left for Sunday, you already went to a play, the book fair and a protest. Well, Sunday you can do like me and write papers for school or work on that personal project of yours, or you can go to the Wonderful and often forgotten by us Miamians: Beach...Although Friday and Saturday will be cloudy, the weather report says Sunday will be sunny as always. One more reason to live in Miami to add to my Reasons to Live in Miami list: You can go to the beach at the end of November, while the rest of the country is freezing their butts.

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