Monday, October 20, 2008

Pink Party Kills Great Expectations

Whoever said that just because you are doing a networking/cause/fundraising event it needs to be a boring party?
I actually had high expectations for this event: "Free food and Drinks," said the invitation that sent me on Facebook. Yeah, if you call three guava pastelitos and a huge line for three drops of wine free.

I convinced my reporter friend Maria Chercoles, who after graduating with me from the School of Journalism at FIU has interned in every paper from Ft. Lauderdale to California, and now spends most of her time freelancing.
We were there at 6 p.m. expecting cool people, reporters, hors d'oeuvres and drinks. We found way too many old ladies, little girls--the only ones actually dancing-- and a tent selling wigs for dogs...I cannot even express what I feel for the wigs for dogs idea. The poor well-behaved animals, had the grace of not understanding how ridiculous they looked on their pink wigs. There was even a rasta wig for those unfortunate mammals. I guess that is what I call a once in a lifetime idea who changes the world.

After stealing a few pastelitos and wines, spinning the wheel of Pollo Tropical to win coupons for a family meal, which was about the best part of the party and talking to Herald-crime-reporter- good-looking David Ovalle, we decided it was time for newer and better things.
I watched La Strada that night and loved it and went to sleep early because there was still so much to do for this young weekend.

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Vane said...

Changing the world with dog wigs?? btw, I looove "La Strada" long live Gelsomina with her artichoke face!!!