Wednesday, November 5, 2008

#2 Breaks My Heart

The night was fantastic. It was all I expected, I said. Whenever you have extremely high expectations about something, when it happens is never as exciting as you thought it was going to be and lets you down. But, this was not the case, learning that Barack Obama had won the presidency was really as bit as exciting as I wanted it to be. We hugged and cheered and some at the Election Party even cried. We set fireworks and talked about the future, about the present, about who we are and why we wanted this so bad; us young people. We felt involved and informed, we knew every bit about the campaign, the issues. It was great.

But it was really HEARTBREAKING to wake up to a morning in which 62% of Floridians voted for a law that invalidates any union other than marriage.

Really people, haven't we learned from years of racial, religious and gender oppression that we are all individuals and therefore entitled to the same human rights. That intolerance leads to oppression and is just plain wrong.

It really overshadows Obama's victory in my heart that we still allow to have individuals, tax-payers, citizens who do not have the same right as everyone else. That we publicly deny a minority their constitutional right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, like if it was nothing.

It is a big deal and it offends me.

California overturned the gay marriage law after about 18,000 couples got married: Is a joke, a circus. Weirdest thing ever, childish, homophobic and offensive. And, most of all based on absolutely obsolete ideas. Like the idea that a family is not a family if it is not a man and a woman. Tell that to millions of single parents, kids living with their grandmother, aunts, foster kids, brother and sister, cousins and many other kinds of families who do get hospital visitations, emergency calls and other rights.

Or, that if we allow this to happen, then sooner or later we are going to allow people to marry goats or computers. I really thought that we had already established that if you get Human Rights, is because you are a Human and not an animal or object.

Shame on you America, because in 20 years or more, hopefully less, we are going to notice one more time that we CANNOT discriminate and deny American Citizens basic rights protected under The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the profound believe that as Americans we have the right to be individuals and to choose.


swampthing said...

Could say 'gay is the new black'or 'queer is the new jew'.

Anonymous said...

The truly ironic thing is that this is the third blog which I have by an Obama supporter who is lamenting the passage of Amendment 2. If you are so offended by this, how could you support Obama, a man who has gone on the record opposing same-sex marriages?

Bego said...

To anonymous:
Obama and Biden opposed same-sex marriage, but not civil unions. Biden clearly said in his debate that he is all for giving gay couples the same rights as to marriage, even if it is not called marriage. Call it what you want, just give them their rights.

Vanessa said...

I am offended too. First, it is another example of how our so-called secularism is only by name. Are we rally supposed to make laws based on definitions by the bible? At least in Florida, it wasn’t even "marriage" per se. Second it is really appalling to me, as simple as it sounds, that the Florida legislation and the electorate shall go out of their ways to change something that wasn't hurting anyone. It almost seems vicious. And third, civil unions not only benefited same-sex couples, but many other unions like those between elderly couples who prefer not to wed. said...

This amendment has nothing to do with gay marraiage and everything to do with the destruction of the family.

The way it is worded it affects heterosexual couples who are living together, yet unmarried.

They were using the homosexual agenda as propaganda to scare the population into adopting a law that restricts the rights of EVERYONE, regardless of sexual orientation.