Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The New News Lounge is on Tuesdays now, not Wednesdays

I went to News Lounge last nite cuz we got an invite by Pat Walsh that Raffa & Rainer were playing.

After checking the facebook list of attending and seeing some of my g.f’s I was ready to get back into the middle-of-the-week-night-out routine that had missed me so much.

So, I put on my cowboy boots, mini skirt and infamous God is Dead shirt, to impress the girls, really, who cares about the guys.

I got there and ordered a delicious Tucker that tasted like heaven, even though God is Dead, and sat to listen to Raffa & Rainer play the same songs we all already know. She joked about how delicious was her cucumber martini and how they didn’t have those at Churchill’s and about the spaceships in the bathrooms that you can use to dry your hands. Seriously, I only go to the News Lounge to be able dry my hands in the spaceships inside those purdy restrooms.

I sat alone and listened to the music, making up in my mind what people must be thinking of me: that lonely girl with the cowboy boots. That is one of the reasons why I like to go out alone: one is so mysterious and could be anyone in the minds of others. A lonely depressed girl, a hooker, a psychopath, a people hater, a sexy girl who likes to go out alone, single, married, a nun escaped from convent.

Dara got there late with Matilda, who was ultimately the star of the night. Running around leash-less jumping on people’s laps and in the middle of the big red square couch where a group of five hipsters petted her and made cuteness overdosed sounds. What a slut!

“That’s an 84-year-old bitch,” I yelled to them, but they didn’t mind her age, or her tongue that is always sticking out and dried from the air, nor that she is ugly and kind of fat; she was a puppy to them and they were in front of people, meaning you have to pet her and make non-stop cute sounds.

Matilda ran away and came back to us. I think we are getting tired that she is always the star of the party. She really is 84, let go Matilda, other bitches need to be popular too.

So, Jeremy came, after he said he wasn’t coming and was surrounded by cute gals, like always. We talked about his encounter with an 18-year-old on his birthday and philosophized about the legal Age of Consent.

“If you have sex with an 18 year old the day of his birthday, is it legal, do we have to look at what time he was born?”

We swung in the swing and danced Circumstances and Serge Gainsburg, which played must of the night.

I saw beach high buddy Alexis Frias, who moved to New York, but is now back and active and loving Miami; Maina Campos, another beach high lovely friend, who looked tan and beautiful and invited me to her beginners Yoga class on EspaƱola Way Fridays at 6:45 pm. I am glad it is beginners because I have seen her acroyoga pics and it doesn’t seem like anything I could do on a Friday night and still be able to dance after. “Come detox before the tox,” she said. Sounds interesting. I also saw Robert Samuels and we talked about the newspaper industry, his salary cut at the Herald, his new house and bad movies.

It is good to be back.


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Anonymous said...

I am always late.. sorry Bego linda

Anonymous said...

Hey had a great time! cant wait to do it again! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

robert samuels was there?! i love him!

Carlos de Yarza said...

You forgot that the "lonely girl" thing could also mean... RUSSIAN SPY!
Secret agent! LOL