Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday Miami at PS 14 & Vagabond

On Friday, I am going to take it slow, I said. But, it was Adam’s memorial concert at PS 14, where bands would be playing as usual, but it would be dedicated to the deceased musician. And, so I had no choice.

We arrived late, right at the best time, and it was one of the best nights I have had at PS 14. Bands inside and outside constantly rotating, it was hard to walk though the people and hard to dance inside, so we stayed outside the whole time except for the repetitive trips to the bathroom.

There was a band from Orlando outside that talked and talked and talked, and thanked millions of people no one had any idea who they were.

“We don’t care,” I yelled, it had been too long without music.
“Go back to Orlando,” somebody else said.

It was funny.

We saw
Gato and Johan and many other musicians who came to remember Adam, including his brother Josh. There was another concert/open mic in his honor on Saturday at his house, and although I couldn’t make since I was hosting a party myself, I heard it was amazing.

At Vagabond we met people and people, as always, it probable is the worst place to cheat on the whole of Greater Miami. We were by the fountain and the dj kept on playing punchi punchi, until I approached him and politely asked for some hip hop. Tonight is not hip hop night, he said. But ended up completely giving in: after a few minutes we had what we wanted for the rest of the night and danced to old school beats.

We took the after party to my house where we celebrated glamorously with champagne and something else until 6:30 am.

Thanks to my love, Pati Laylle , for pictures.


Anonymous said...

damn it was a good night :) __pati

Jeremy said...

Pati, you take amazing pictures.